How these meditations can work for you

Make your way through this library at your leisure. Some will take a new journey every day and some will work with one journey every week. When you become aware of each journey and how it unfolds, you can work your intention with more power as you'll know what to expect.

Each meditation is accompanied by soft music and is a guided journey that is designed to give the listener a mini transformation in one way or another.

These meditations could help to lessen aches and pains in the body, release headaches, manifest desires, bring about forgiveness, balance chakra energy and some are designed to help you connect with passed over loved ones. (pets included)

These journeys help to shift energy in body, mind, spirit and ultimately in life.

Please drink plenty of water after each journey session to help move energy through you. You may even like to ground your energy after each session, depending on how much the journey has made an impact on you.

If you have any questions about this, please leave a comment below and I will respond.

Each meditation is intended to empower you, inspire you and bring about a release of any heavy energetic baggage that many of us carry . . . and most of the time, this baggage is not even ours to bear.

Some meditations are simply for experiencing perspectives in a new way. Other journeys will have the listener connecting with their spirit team for energy healing work during meditation. A few meditations are specifically for Reiki practitioners. However, the non practitioner can also benefit from these as well.

There are some explanations of each journey and some free previews in the curriculum below. More meditations could be added over time at no extra cost to you. Enjoy xo

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