About Distance Reiki Attunements

Some Reiki Masters do not resonate with the idea of Distance Attunements. I remember when I was 1st Degree, my belief back then was that, only a Reiki Master can attune a person to Reiki by doing this in person. That's what my Master taught me anyway.

After 2nd Degree, I began to understand how distance Reiki works with the use of the Distance Symbol.

I used to hold huge distance healing sessions worldwide and my Reiki students would send distance healing to all who asked for it. People would put their names down on the Facebook post with their state/country they were in as they asked for healing. This became a monthly thing and it grew pretty big. Regulars would join every month so we got to know their energy. And then feedback started coming in. People were releasing pains they had been carrying for years thanks to the monthly sessions that my students and I gave. 

One to one distance sessions grew in 2019 for me. More and more people began requesting them and they keep on coming back because it works. Distance Reiki Healing works! (Get out of the way)

Distance Attunements are based on the same principles as Distance Reiki Healing.

Using the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Symbol, you can beam Reiki or Attunements to anywhere in the world . . . . the Universe for that matter! Backwards in time and forwards into the future, time and space are irrelevant when it comes to Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

Thousands of Reiki students that have received distance attunements have shown that they are just as effective as in person attunements. Masters who are against distance attunements are questioning the principles that they themselves are teaching in 2nd Degree Reiki. 

Distance attunements are good for online courses such as this one, for people that live far away or are unable to travel. Some become attuned to Reiki because they are too sick to leave home, and want to begin self healing by using Reiki for themselves. 

In a world that is overloaded with information that can be accessed by the click of a mouse, it makes sense that distance attunements are now becoming more common place. 

You've seen the system that I use to set up my distance attunements, you would have been given access to 1st and 2nd degree attunements by now if you joined the 1st and 2nd degree courses as well. 

As a Reiki Master, you can choose to attune your students to all 3 degrees at once by using the combined Reiki 1st, 2nd and Master Degree Attunement Techniques. Or attune to each degree one at a time with each segment of training.

Use the distance symbol to attune your students to Reiki BUT also let them know that they must go through the training and practise the work involved so they can experience Reiki as it runs through them. If your student is not willing to do the work to get the experiences that go along with each Degree of Reiki Growth, (and unfortunately some people will just be after that piece of paper), then these students have not understood the personal and spiritual development that naturally goes along with becoming a Reiki Master. Is is an absolute journey!

It's so important to practise Reiki on yourself and others, to gain experience of the energy that you will be working with. Many students have become confident teachers of Usui Reiki after having received distance attunements.

Regardless of if a student is attuned to the degrees in person or via distance, it is their responsibility to create their Reiki practise. A students intention to be attuned and work with Reiki, is a key to success.

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