Video : Connecting With Your Spirit Team

Before we begin working with Reiki, we need to call in our guides first. Remember, you're a spiritual being playing in a human experience . . . but what does that mean exactly?

We look in the mirror and we see a physical form. But when we can shut up that mind chatter, we can get to realise that we are so much more than just a body. First and foremost, we are spirit, so of course, being able to connect with what we ARE can be quite easy to do.

Your Spirit Team consists of angels, archangels, guides and also people and pets that could have passed over. That's right! You have the ability to connect with loved ones because they are still very much spirit and of course, vibrational energy - just as you are. The only difference is, you are still working through physical form. 

Your Spirit Team are the ones that help to relay messages to us in the way of a feeling, a thought, a whisper. Keep an open mind and "listen" for the information that they are so often eager to provide. We just have to shut up [our racing minds] and get out of our own way. 

Watch the following video.

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