During Attunement

During Attunement

During the attunement, the Reiki Master uses the symbols discovered by Dr Usui. These symbols strengthen your connection to the Universal Life Force Energy and your Reiki Spirit Team.

"The universal life force is so big that we cannot measure it, so deep that we cannot fathom it. In Japanese it is called Reiki. It is comparable to a radio station broadcasting radio waves everywhere. There are no wires connecting the radio station with your home, yet when you turn on the receiver and tune into the radio waves from the station, you receive whatever they are sending. " - Dr Hayashi

The attunement helps you to receive the signal. This is how you could pick up information and messages from energy fields while you are giving Reiki. 

This course comes with a distance attunement video process. I have filled the video with powerful intention that students in this particular course, in this container, on the Teachable platform, have your Spirit Team join us as you watch and follow along with the video for your Usui Master Degree Reiki Attunement which takes around 10 minutes.

During this time, I will ask you to sit or lie down, close your eyes and begin relaxing as we take 3 deep breaths in together. I then connect us energetically with Reiki symbols including the Master symbol. (You will see me do all of this in the video for you)

Intentions for you to repeat after me will be in the attunement video as well. 

Intention example : "I, state your Name, set the intention now, to have open and clear energy, to receive my Reiki Masters attunement"

Remember, words are also energy. After you set the intention, the video will then take you through the attunement to the Reiki Master Degree level. As the recipient, all you need to do is get comfortable, relax and enjoy the experience.

During your attunement, you might begin to see images in your minds eyes, colours, lights, pulses, buzzing, light headedness, smell aromas, fall asleep or you might not feel anything at all. Everyone will experience attunement in their own unique way and in each case, the attunement is complete and successful. 

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