Lesson 1 : Introduction to your 1st Degree Reiki Training Course

We are all born with the power to self heal. Our body is designed this way. Over time, as human beings, we often take on too many things. New things to think about and to feel about. Life can become hectic and chaotic and sometimes we can become stuck, and going within can feel like a completely foreign concept. 

This course will not only guide you through the teachings of Dr Mikao Usui as I was taught them by my Reiki Master, but I will also give you extra information that will, if you follow it, help you to form a powerful relationship with your Spirit Team as you begin or add to your self healing journey. 

In this course, you will receive

  • Life time access to your 1st Degree Reiki Training (which is great to refer back to for refresher training whenever you feel the need)
  • 1st Degree Manual to print out and keep for yourself
  • Distance Reiki Attunements to 1st Degree Usui Reiki
  • Printable certification and lineage. (WORD DOC)
  • Access to Kelly Flack, your Certified Reiki Master, for your 1st Degree training.

Throughout the course you will be invited to discuss course topics in the comments below. As you make your way through the course, you will have videos to watch with various activities that will need to be completed as you go along including practising Reiki techniques. 

The more Reiki healings that you give to friends and family, will help to ensure that you understand how to use Reiki intuitively and effectively. 

The more you use Reiki, the more it WILL grow you.

There are quizzes in this course as well. Simply complete each one as you come to it. 

This course is always being added to so check back regularly. Reiki 1st, 2nd and Master degrees have a way of growing people in their own unique ways. If you are ready, let go of everything you think you know as you allow this expansive loving energy to flow freely throughout all aspects of your life.

Before we dive in, how are you feeling? Are you excited? Nervous?

I really want you to interact with me and your peers during this training. This will help you to connect with each other and each others energy as you move along through this course. So please, before you move onto the next lecture, let us know in the comments below how you are feeling about this journey . . .

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