What You Will Need For This Course

I ask if you can please at least have a red crystal, orange crystal, yellow crystal, green or pink crystal, blue crystal, purple crystal (amethyst) and white or clear crystal (clear quartz) for the lessons ahead.

You will also need to be able to download and print out a PDF at the end of this course. It will be 5 pages of grid templates that you can use to begin creating crystal grids.

Sometimes I have crystals for sale in my online store. Feel free to take a look or simply head out to one of your local crystal shops to feel into what you might need. Perhaps you already have a collection of your own crystals that can work with you through this course :) Great!

In the image above we have red jasper for the root chakra, carnelian for sacral, tiger eye for solar plexus, green aventurine for heart, lapis lazuli for throat chakra, amethyst for third eye and clear quartz for crown.

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