See What This Course Covers

Before we get started, if you have any questions that arise during this course, please ask them in the last Section "Questions and Answers" and I will answer them within the week :) Let's begin . . .

This course covers :

  • How to find out if offering Reiki (or massage or reflexology or hypnotherapy or ... fill in the blank) is really for you.

Sometimes we just need a starting point and we have no idea if this will actually "take off" or if it could possibly just be a hobby or a modality to use on family and friends. Things to do in this section, can help you get the feel for whether or not, this could be a great business for you.

  • Your Reiki Workspace

If you feel like you don't have an appropriate space to hold your services, this section will get you thinking outside the box to realise that there are so many ways that you can run your business - not just from home!

  • Getting your business out there

Marketing your services can seem daunting to so many people BUT when you're working consciously with energy, and are open to growing yourself, it can actually become fun! ;)

  • Creating packages for clients

Learn how to combine modalities and experiences to create packages for your client base, price them accordingly and allow them to grow with you. Yes! Your packages have a consciousness of their own.

  • Resources to help clients continue to heal from home

Giving specific tools and resources to clients after their session, adds even more value to the service that you offer. This can help your clients with self care for heightened and ongoing healing experiences from home.

  • Optimising appointments to build a regular client base

Work with some scheduling tools and some "old school ways" if you're not a computer savvy person.

  • Believing in yourself as a Reiki business owner

Mindset and old patterns of conditioning can be huge barriers against many things that we want to achieve in life. Business included. Take this section to shift your perspective and allow any walls to come on down.

  • Grow your business even further

Growing your business often means making your way even further from that "comfort zone". Let's play in the energy of workshops and retreats as you crunch some numbers, set a goal for yourself and do the math to achieve that goal.

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