See What This Course Does NOT Cover

This course does NOT cover

  • Certification for your Reiki Degrees. However, Reiki degree training courses can be found on this link
  • Legalities for your business
  • Taxations for your business
  • ABN numbers
  • Policies, procedures or liabilities for/of your business
  • How to place facebook ads.
  • How to use other social media platforms
  • This course does not give you a qualification of some kind

However, my hope is that this course will trigger so many beautiful ideas for you, it will get you motivated and inspired to take action, it will have you laughing, build your confidence in your your business, stop procrastinating, think BIG and have a red hot go of building your Reiki Business . . .

But most of all, not giving a sh*t about what anyone else might think of your business and all the while, having so much fun building it, nurturing it and allowing it to grow you on so many levels :) I'm SO excited for you!

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