About The 2nd Degree Reiki Attunement

2nd Degree Reiki has one attunement to it. With the 2nd Degree attunement, your bodys frequency and psychic senses will heighten. This will increase as you continue using Reiki. 

Remember that the process of attunement is what makes Reiki different to all other forms of healing and accelerated spiritual unfoldment. It is not something that you have to learn how to do as with other healing and spiritual techniques. It is the process of attunement or initiation, which reawakens your dormant ability to access and use your Reiki energy.

Just as with 1st Degree, avoid taking alcohol or any other form of drug for at least 24 hours before diving into energy healing and attunement ceremonies. It's important to be a clear channel when using Reiki. These substances slow and hinder the flow of Reiki throughout the body. 

Do you have any questions so far? If so, pop them in the comments box below and I will reply. Remember, I'm here for you every step of the way.

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