How These Sessions Work

The following guided reiki meditation journeys are here for you whenever you need them. They are reiki sessions mixed in with soft music and some guided meditation for deep relaxation and healing. I have designed these to help you deeply relax, while your spirit team and Reiki guides help to release what is no longer of benefit to you, and empower you with the opportunity of a new perspective for your highest will and good of course.

Each lecture will show you an image to set the scene of each specific journey. You can then read along to "The Calling" with me as we call in our guides for healing. You'll be guided to draw some symbols to pull into yourself. These will also be displayed on each lecture for ease. Next, you will be asked to get into a comfortable position to relax as my voice guides you deeper and you allow your Spirit Team and Reiki Guides to do the majority of the work for you.

These sessions will always be here for you whenever you need them. Let's face it, we ALL go through "bumps in the road" during life. Whenever you have days where you are mostly in your mind with those runaway thoughts and possibly a chaotic mind energy, simply follow along with the reiki for mind and thoughts. This will calm your frame of mind significantly and help you get into a more peaceful state to be able to deal with the day or situation ahead.

Having trouble expressing yourself or feeling like no one listens to a word you say? Use the reiki for throat and communication which also covers thyroid at the base of the throat as well as neck and shoulder problems.

Neglecting yourself, feeling down, jealous of someone or simply feel like an energetic boost? Use Reiki for heart centre which will also replenish healing toward self-love and rejuvenate energy to arms and hands.

If you ever find yourself working too much overtime, putting yourself down, feeling withdrawn and thinking you just won't be able to do anything right . . . reiki for confidence and personal power over the solar plexus will ease any anxiety, panic attacks, indigestion. You'll bring your body back into rest and digest mode as you slowly and surely build yourself up again - because you CAN!

Going through days of holding in feelings and emotions, maybe a relationship has just gone into overwhelm and you just don't want to "people" anymore ? Reiki for relationships will help to soften anger and fear as your energy surrenders any grudges against relationship energies and helps built up emotions to be acknowledged.

Having a week where the dollars seem to be flying out the door faster than they are coming in? Perhaps work is feeling heavier and heavier or your living situation is getting frustrating . . . reiki for money, work, living brings balance to root chakra energy and the way you walk through life. Easing finances, letting go of work dramas and bringing living situations into more clarity.

And hey, if you just want to go through the ENTIRE body for healing, then go straight to the reiki for full body healing session. Great to use as part of your self-care routine every week to help keep your body, mind and spirit in harmonious balance.

We are all energy, and so are the things that make up our world around us. Let's work with it :)

Take whatever you need, whenever you need it xo

These guided meditation journeys are included in your 2nd Degree Training Course. However, this is a public preview page and if you are looking in as a sneak preview (not a student), you are also welcome to access these meditations at a small cost from this link here.

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